How to avoid repossession of your home

How To Stop Repossession. There has never been more repossessions in the UK than are happening now, and we hear more and more people saying  ‘ house is being repossessed’!

If you are facing repossession, this is the house repossession process:

  • You will be added to the Repossession Register
  • All major credit agencies will be informed
  • Your credit rating will be adversely affected
  • You may never qualify for another loan or mortgage
  • oh, and you will have to find somewhere else to live…quickly!

BUT, it can be stopped, and we can help stop repossession now.

Stop repossession – If an agreement is reached to sell your property to one of our investors, you can obtain a stay of repossession.

Our investor will even attend court with you if necessary.

The sale can then be completed in 28 days.

You must act fast.
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