Sell My House Fast due to Relocation or Emigration

Okay, so you’ve decided you’ve had enough of the UK, it’s unpredictable weather, and you are off to sunnier climes OR

That’s a great promotion you’ve just been given at work, but now they want you to take over an office in another region, and fast.

Lots to think about here, especially if you are relocating or emigrating.  Do you want to sell your house quickly, or do you want to hang onto it, just in case it doesn’t work out in Australia and you decide to come home.

A & P have solutions for every possibility.

If you are looking for the quick sale, with none of the hassle, uncertainty, and commission rates associated with Estate Agents, then we can buy your property quickly, and fit in with your needs when it comes to completion dates.

If you want to keep your property but want to move on, then we have investors who will lease your property from you, for as many years as you need to decide on it’s future, typically 2 – 5 years.

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