Financial Difficulties and need to Sell My House Fast

Are you facing Financial Difficulty because of redundancy?  A potential nightmare that many have faced in the UK during the recession.

Do you have more debt than income?  Mortgage, loans, credit cards, can all add up to a huge monthly debt and if you cannot keep up the payments, you may be facing bankruptcy. There are plenty of people with credit debt and financial difficulty in Britain right now, especially following Christmas!

More than 3 million households are in financial difficulty and a further 3 million are financially vulnerable, according to research for debt charity the Consumer Credit Counselling Service.

Financial difficulty help could be just a phone call away.

One way out of this vicious cycle is to sell your house quickly.  If you have equity in your house, you will be able to pay off all or some of your debts and move on with your life.

Using estate agents was previously the only way to sell your property. Now the majority of time we find estate agents are unable to offer any solutions to a slow or non selling property other than to reduce the sale price. Unfortunately many sellers are unable to reduce their sale price to a level that most traditional buyers can afford to buy at.

Times are changing. It is no longer possible to just put your property on the market and have it sold within weeks using estate agents like it was in pre 2007. As banks are not lending, we need to move and adapt to the times, and find other ways of getting your property sold related to the state of the economy. If you are asking the question “How do I sell my house quickly in this slow moving property market”, we now have many solutions that will allow you to move on with your life without the financial difficulties! We can help with your Financial Difficulty – We can buy your house fast.

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