Broken Property Chain and Need to Sell My House Fast

So, you’ve found the house of your dreams, you’ve got a buyer for your house and you’re in a chain of six.

It’s taken 8 months to get this chain together and exchange date is nearing.


One of the buyers pulls out of the deal, they couldn’t get a mortgage after all. It could be your buyer, it could be somewhere else in the chain. But if a new buyer is not found quickly the whole chain could collapse. Goodbye dream home.


That’s where A & P Property Solutions come in. Wherever there is a Broken Property Chain, we can buy quickly. We will shorten or repair that chain. We can agree an exchange date to fit in with your needs.

A & P Property Solutions can help people in this particular broken property chain situation by buying your house from you very quickly and highly efficiently. We will purchase your house within a timescale that will suit your personal and financial needs. We buy homes directly from the house owners themselves, eliminating the requirement for an estate agent.

You may have decided to move on, or sell your property to us for one of you to rent the house back from us, especially if you have children and you want to continue living in your current home.

We could even make an offer to the house seller in the broken property chain below you should they have the threat of a broken chain as well. We will organise the entire process to suit your personal circumstances, giving you ‘peace of mind’. All you have to do is contact us and we will offer guidance and keep you informed throughout the whole process.

If you are suffering from a broken property chain, get an instant preliminary offer NOW by submitting your Application Form OR call 0151 329 2644 for a friendly, no obligation chat.